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Peter Chen 彼得・陳-喜劇演員/Writer/Director/Actor/Comedian

彼得・陳一名演員在喜劇、電影和電視商務。 多數最近電影現在是“ 50第一日期” 2003年與亞當SandlerDVD 彼得是正規兵在喜劇商店、笑FatcoryImprov 他是在二個情節在“ 24 ” Fox電視臺系列。 彼得・陳總是說服滑稽的兩個非常劇烈和演員。
A Writer/Director/Actor/Comedian with 23 years of experience, performed over 1,000 Comedy Shows, 7 feature length Movies and 3 TV shows with over 17 TV commercials.
Actor Roles include movies like "50 First Dates" in 2004 with Adam Sandler now out on DVD.
Peter was a regular at the Improv. Comedy Store, Ice House and Laugh Factory.
In two episodes of "24" Fox TV series in 2005.
A very talented Writer/Director, very convincing and dramatic Actor and always funny Comedian.

Acting Workshop
Acting Workshop on camera
Peter Chen's Bio
Peter Chen's IMDB info.
Absolutely American feature film website
Saving Face a true documentary
Fox TV show "24"
50 First Dates movie clip
Soft Might an award winning short film 2009
White Tiger Yellow Tiger an award winning short film 2008
Clean Stand Up Comedy show sample
StandUp Comedy show 1 min sample
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Theatrical Resume

< --- Peter's Bio website

< --- IMDB info.

< --- the writer of the screenplay "Absolutely American," a Romantic Comedy Feature-length Film with nonviolent Action. Web site:

< --- " Saving Face" a true Documentary of how difficult it is for an Asian American <=== 需要23年, 做的一個真實的故事-彼得・陳連續是一個得獎電影製作人第一二年 (2000/2001) 在電影節: 新聞紀錄片的類別。 點擊圖片到左邊觀看紀錄片。

< --- Fox TV show "24" <=== 點擊藍色按鈕到左邊觀看夾子從Fox電視臺展示「24

< --- to view the Clip from "50 First Dates" <=== 點擊藍色按鈕到左邊觀看夾子從「50一約會」

< --- Award winning short 2009 "Soft Might"

< --- Award winning short 2008 "White Tiger Yellow Tiger"

< --- Clean Standup Comedy show <=== 點擊藍色按鈕到左邊觀看磁帶在彼得・陳的 Standup 喜劇

< --- 1 minute Standup Comedy sample

< --- Watch ALL videos on youtube

< --- to view Resume 簡歷


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Me and Arnold

in movie "Junior" 1994

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Me and Sammo Hung
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Me and Shaq


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<--- Click to the left to view resume. 簡歷 & click ---> Peter Chen's Bio

點擊藍色按鈕到左邊觀看簡歷。 軟件觀看(.PDF)文件。

"Saving Face" a true Documentary

Saving Face a true documentary

A true Story which took 15 years to make - Peter Chen is an Award winning Film maker number one two years in a row (2000/2001) in a Film Festival: Documentary Catagory. <=== 需要 23 年, 做的一個真實的故事-彼得・陳連續是一個得獎電影製作人第一二年 (2000/2001) 在電影節: 新聞紀錄片的類別。

點擊圖片到左邊觀看紀錄片。 Click on picture to the left to view the True Documentary.

Tai Chi Instructions by Peter Chen 希臘字母x指示由彼得・陳

Improv Flier with Tai Chi

<=== Tai Chi 希臘字母x是中國方式到更加健康和長壽,

TaiChi 希臘字母x被實踐了在一1000年期間和轉變了成不同的樣式。 Tai希臘字母x是道路到健康和健康。

Tai Chi 希臘字母x是一个有效方式開發一個平衡的身體和頭腦。 它開發:

  • 改進頭腦的整體身體健康、循環、靈活性和平靜!
  • 改進肌肉緊張、力量、協調、平衡和敏捷性!
  • 促進自已放鬆并且解除重音!

為希望是更加健康和活更長的那些人? Tai Chi 希臘字母x類來。

Tai Chi 希臘字母x也是軟的武術,自衛的一個非常強有力的形式。


星期二從下午5點到下午6點, Jocelyn中心, 210 N.教堂Ave。, Alhambra,加州, 91801

(發怒街道是大街, 3 blk在加菲爾德東邊)

私有類也是可利用的。 您為做Tai希臘字母x將是健康。

要求Adobe Acrobat Reader觀看上述(.PDF)飛行物文件。

Class information:

Tuesdays from 5 PM to 6 PM, Jocelyn Center, 210 N. Chapel Ave., Alhambra, CA, 91801.

(Cross Street is Main Street, 3 blk east of Garfield)

Private classes are also available. You will be healthier for learning & doing Tai Chi.

Tai Chi flier in (.PDF) file.

Comedy Improv Class for Kids 喜劇 類為孩子

Improv for Kids flier

Private classes are also available.

Adobe Acrobat Reader required to view this (.PDF) File.

<=== Improv Class for Kids 私有類也是可利用的。

要求Adobe Acrobat Reader觀看(.PDF)文件。

Contact Information

彼得?陳 Peter Chen

P.O.Box 3444
,加州 91803
(323) 963 3126



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