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25 years of experience as Teacher/Director,
taught over 10 years in Improv Games for the
City of Monterey Park and the City of Alhambra
Taught at the SAG Conservatory Advance & Beginner Comedy class for over 2 years & volunteered for 12 years there. Producer/Director for 7 years my own  Cable TV Comedy Show.
Worked for the Performing Arts Studio West teaching Under privileged and handicapped students for 2 years Teaching Comedy and Drama, Improv techniques.


An Award winning Filmmaker with 24 years of experience in standup comedy and in the Entertainment Business.

Peter Chen has done over 1,000 Comedy Shows, 5 major Movies and 19 TV commercials.
A Regular at the  Improv, the Laugh Factory and the Comedy Store.

Producer and Director for my own Cable TV show for five and half years for Cable TV shows called "Moon View" 25 shows series, a Comedy Show

with Standup and Variety mixed, on Public Access with Charter Cable... it ran every Tuesdays at 10 PM on channel 56 in Pasadena, Ca.

Work achievments

A True Documentary about an Asian comedian called "SAVING FACE." Which won number one from a film festival two years in a row 2000 and 2001.

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Wrote, Directed, Acted, Shot, as well as Edited sample scenes.
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Web Site:           www.absolutelyamericanmovie.comScript Award 2011Certificate of ExcellentHonorable Mention

As a Writer/Director and won both

2 nr Place award2009Official Selection & SF film festival award 2009Honorable Mention for the following short films:

"Soft Might" screened on Sunday, July 26, 2009

in Pasadena, CA.

check it at: AOF offical selectionAOF official Won Official Selection 2011 Official Selection for "Enter the Paper Tiger" screened July 24, 2011.

andTR award 2009White Tiger Yellow Tiger.” screened at Sunset Laemmle 5 Theater in July 2008.

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